April 29, 2020

2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

The two chapters of II Corinthians 8&9 are often used, and rightly so, as passages of Scripture to preach from for Missions Conference Giving. Chapter 9 ends with our verse of the day.  After hearing and studying the offerings of the Lord in Leviticus, it brings a completely new meaning to our verse.

The Apostle Paul is writing to the Corinthian Church to encourage them to fulfill their promise of giving.  He used the Macedonian Churches as an example of sacrificial giving to open Chapter 8.  He ends Chapter 9 with our verse.  He is emphasizing Value.  The value the Macedonian Christians displayed when the Word of God tells us in II Corinthians 8:5, “but first gave their own selves”. When Paul ends, Chapter 9 He places the Value on Jesus by using the word “unspeakable”.

The word unspeakable has two ideas in its meaning.  One is somewhat obvious and the other is obviously implied.  The first one goes along with the song that says, “there are not enough words”.  What Paul is saying is I do not have the vocabulary to describe fully the ‘gift of God’.

The second meaning is there is no way to evaluate fully, place a value on, Jesus.  One of the meanings of the word for unspeakable has the meaning of to count or to esteem.

How could we ever describe or count the value the gift of the Lord Jesus is to us.  If we will ever be able to, it will be another gift from our Father; it will be because we have begun to honor or value Him by the offerings we sacrificially give to Him.  The more we give in sacrifice to our Lord the more He honors us with understanding and closeness in our fellowship with Him.

Today determine to give yourself sacrificially to Jesus!

Be Blessed,
Bro. Dewayne