May 14, 2020

Luke 9:62  – And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

We continue today to discuss a renewed walk with the Lord.  The verse the Lord put on my heart today is somewhat familiar.  The depth of the verse will help us as we get started on this journey.

The imagery used by our Lord is familiar to me.  It comes from the life of a farmer.  One of the things I picked up from my Dad growing up is that a man that farmed for a living took great pride in his field.  When he planted his crops, his rows must be straight.  I say, “picked up” because I remember as we traveled to see my Grandparents I would hear my father make comments of admiration, as we would pass a freshly plowed field that had perfectly straight rows.  I learned later in life that the way that they made sure the rows were straight, before GPS devices on tractors (Daddy plowed with a mule) is they lined up the rows with a landmark. You then kept your eyes glued to the landmark to keep the rows straight.

Our verse is expressing that principle.  You must keep your eyes on the mark.  It is the Lot’s Wife command.  Remember when the Angels told Lot to leave Sodom not to look back.  The reason is an issue of the heart.  The words used “looking back” have a meaning of staring with longing.  It is the idea of wanting to go in the opposite direction.  To yearn for what is in the past.  Lot’s wife looked back longing for her life in Sodom; Jesus “embalmed” her in scripture with His warning “Remember Lot’s Wife”.

Some people look right on the outside but the inside is twisted; they have allowed hidden sin to triumph.  They desire the old life more than the relationship with the Lord Jesus.

I want you to go on this journey, but you must choose this course and determine to look straight ahead at Jesus.

Be Blessed,
Bro. Dewayne