May 28, 2020

Job 2:8-10
8 And he took him a potsherd to scrape himself withal; and he sat down among the ashes.

Job, just the mention of his name brings different pictures to everyone’s mind.  To some, he is an urban legend, just a figment of the imagination, used to teach a moral.  To some, he is a fool, whether real or imagined, a man that should have shaken his fist in the face of God and punched his so-called friends in the nose. To others, he is an example of faithfulness, courage, and strength.

You and I know him to be a man of God, full of integrity and love for the Creator.  He utters deep and meaningful words recorded in Scripture for all the world to benefit from.  Words that have carried many of us through dark and lonely days and deep valleys.

This verse gives us the secret as to how Job could do it.  How he could go on after all he has faced.  Look at where he is at.  It is not what many would consider a place of victory.  Most would even consider it a place of defeat.  In the ashes.  Using a piece of broken pottery to scrape the festering boils that have covered his flesh.  But this is not just any ole pile of ashes.  This is the ashes of the altar.  Job’s place of sacrifice and praise.  His place of Worship.  This is not just any ole piece of pottery.  It is the remnant of pottery that contained treasure that Job broke and then poured out in offering to His Heavenly Father to worship and honor and thank and praise Him.

Job has gone back to a place where he had met God.  It brought the heartache back into perspective.  It helped Job realize that no matter how big his problem was his God was bigger.  He saw correctly that it is never the size of your storm it is always about the size of your God.

When you are dealing with a storm (which is most of the time!), always go quickly to your place of worship, look at your answers to previous prayers, consider the blessings of the Father, look at what He has brought you through and rest in the fact He is not going to let you down now.  He will see us all the way home.

Be Blessed,

Bro. Dewayne