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Financial Information

Online Payments

Our school has the option to pay your tuition, book, registration and other fees electronically.  You will be required to set up an account prior to being able to make electronic payments.  The link to the website is here.


GCA Accepts:

Box Tops for Education

GCA earns cash in exchange for turning in Box Tops found on many products you probably buy.  These funds are used to help improve our facility.  Here's how you can get involved:

1. Check the expiration dates on your Box Tops. Expired Box Tops aren't accepted.

2. Box Tops don't have to be trimmed perfectly…but please don't send them with half the product package still attached. Just make sure the expiration date (see #1) and full product code are both visible.

3. Send your Box Tops to school on one of these fun collection sheets (http://bit.ly/2Ahv31H) or, if you can, send them to school in bundles of 50.  Don't have 50 Box Tops? If you're almost there, ask friends and family for a few extras to add in. Still coming up short? No problem! Just put your stragglers in a baggie and label it with how many are in there.

Thanks for helping to make our school's Box Tops program a success!


Item Amount Due Date
Registration $   500.00 With Enrollment Form (non-refundable)
Diagnostic Testing $     40.00 Day of Testing
Application Fee $     15.00 With enrollment form
Yearbook Fee $     40.00 January 1, 2019
Late Fee $     25.00 with next payment
Returned Check fee $     30.00 with next payment
Athletic $     75.00 Before practice of first sport the student is participating in

  • High School
  • Kindergarten
$     75.00
$     50.00
April 1st
April 1st
Tutoring (per hour) $     35.00 At each session
Activity Uniform $     40.00 With first scheduled payment
Field Trips Fee $   100.00 With first scheduled payment
Technology Fee $     40.00 With first schedule payment (ages 8-12 only)
Tuition (due 1st of each month) $   375.00 or
1st day of each school month (10 months total)
1st day of school (year price with 5% discount)

**Scholarship awardees – your scholarship does NOT pay for any extracurricular activity fees.**